The Jogging Stroller – A Must Have Accessory For New Mothers

When it comes to having a baby, there is certainly no shortage of items to buy, and the choices can at times seem overwhelming. For the active mother to be, however, there may be no better gift than a high quality jogging stroller. Whether used for jogging or running, or just walking laps around the local shopping mall, these great exercise accessories, cleverly disguised as baby strollers, can be just the thing for getting back in shape and losing those last couple pregnancy related pounds.

Of course shopping for the perfect jogging stroller can be quite a complicated affair, and there are certainly many different brands and models to choose from. At times it can seem like buying a simple jogging stroller is nearly as complicated as picking out the right car, but with the right information the choice can become a great deal easier.

When shopping for a jogging stroller, either for yourself or as a gift for a pregnant friend, it will be helpful to know just how the stroller will be used. If the recipient of the stroller is an avid runner, often running on uneven surfaces and unpaved areas, a heavy duty jogging stroller with a large front wheel may be the best choice. If, on the other hand the stroller will be used primarily on paved surfaces a smaller, more maneuverable jogging stroller may be a better fit.

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When looking at the size of the jogging stroller and the size of the front wheel, it is helpful to know that as the size of the wheel increases the size of the turning radius will increase as well. This means that those jogging strollers equipped with smaller front wheels, while less comfortable in unpaved areas, will also be easier to maneuver in tight areas. Knowing how the jogging stroller will be used will make choosing the right brand and model that much simpler.

No matter what the size of the wheel, however, it is essential that the stroller include safety features such as wheel locks, hand brakes and a sturdy harness. These safety features will help keep the baby safe during use, and they are an essential part of any stroller design. Additional comfort features, such as built in cup holders, padded seats and a sun canopy, can be quite important as well. As with any other purchase, it pays to shop around and do your homework when looking for the perfect jogging stroller.